Meet our Dance Instructors team

This is where you will know more about your Ballroom Dance Instructors. The Dance Instructors team who is ready to help you pursue your dance goals!


Anna Bristal

Ballroom Dance Instructor

Anna started dancing at the age of 3 at her local dancing school in Aalborg, Denmark. Growing up she trained in Ballroom, Tap, Ballet and Jazz. At the age of 17 she joined the performing group at her dancing school and did her first big tour in France. Anna is excited to teach you your first step of couple dance.

Sophie Issaeve

Ballroom Dance Instructor

Sophie came from Paris, France, dreaming of competitive ballroom dancing as a career. Having chosen New York as here new home, she fulfilled here dream of being able to have lessons with the best coaches of the US and of the world. In addition to a successful professional career, Sophie is a full-time ballroom coach and is considered one of the top female ballroom instructors.