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How to Overcome the Fear of Being Ridiculous in Front of my Friends when Dancing

[fa icon="calendar"] Jan 25, 2017 8:09:41 PM / by Audrey Jaspart

Audrey Jaspart

Feeling ashamed or vulnerable is always a question of interpretation, linked to our time, our environment, our need for normality ...  Are you tired of stopping you from doing things out of fear of external judgment? Would you like to be freed from the fear of ridicule and dare more experiences without having this fear of displeasing? If so, the following tips are for you. 

Here are the best techniques to get rid of the fear of ridicule: 

1. Anticipate the worst and not die for it

Here is a good way to prepare yourself before any dreaded situation (for fear of appearing ridiculous in front of your friends): imagine the worst of what could happen in this context. Try to visualize the reaction of the people around you and the consequences that a "ridiculous" action might cause for you. This technique is a kind of negative visualization .. devolabilization! 


2. Getting out of your comfort zone is so exhilarating!

Be aware of one thing: each time you face your fear of ridicule, you will gain confidence and self-esteem. When one dares to confront one's fears and to discover what one does not know, our zone of comfort widens and many times we feel ready to face greater challenges of life. Try to see this exercise as a way to surpass yourself, to know you better and to free yourself from the blockages.

how to overcome the fear of being ridiculous in front of my friends 

3. Perform a ballroom dance in front of an audience

The ballroom dance is not corny! It is a very complete activity that helps to overcome his fear of being ridiculous. Fears gradually disappear and give way to a deep sense of inner freedom. It is also a good way to make the ego work in the right way. That is to say, instead of fighting it, it is used to soften. Choosing to be ridiculous is also a way of ending the sensation of experiencing situations and taking responsibility for our actions. And this responsibility leads to a precious form of freedom! 

How to overcome the fear of being ridiculous in front of my friends when dancing is an articule dedicated to all the persons who are looking to be more confident in front of an audience, want to make new friends and/or want to find love!

Thinking about overcoming your fear with dancing? Why not check this Ultimate guide about all the ballroom dances for beginners to help you decide what kind of dance your can learn!

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