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How to Dress for Ballroom dancing in Dublin

[fa icon="calendar"] Jan 25, 2017 8:45:29 PM / by Audrey Jaspart

Audrey Jaspart

Dancing is the opportunity to become a person other than the one from everyday, especially by a very free and personal choice of your outfit. In dance for two, however, there are some recommendations that can be made about how to dress for ballroom dancing in Dublin.

Coupled dance usually implies that the woman dancer is highlighted and that the man dancer is rather discreet. In competition, the man is entirely in black, and the woman wears a dress, often of a bright color. The choice of colors and clothes depends on the intentions: to be noticed to the public, to please the partners, or on the contrary to go unnoticed when we begin ... This choice alone makes it possible to evaluate the level of dance of a person.

Dressing in a way that is too visible and seductive when you start can make you uncomfortable, having all eyes turned towards you, and receiving invitations from high-level people. Dressing for ballroom dancing in an ordinary fashion (tee-shirt & jeans) when you know how to dance is a pity because it diminishes the opportunities to dance with people of a good level since they will not notice you.  

how to dress for ballroom dancing in dublin

Several studies have shown that wearing red makes it more attractive, both for men and for women. Dancers wearing red are therefore more likely to be invited. One can think that pink and purple also have this effect. To get noticed, a bright and warm color is a good choice. So make sure to dress for a ballroom dance by wearing flashy colors! How to dress for ballroom dancing in Dublin is also a question of taste! You should feel comfortable anyway with how you dress for a ballroom dance.  

Black is a color that goes with everything and does not leave too many marks of perspiration. It is the favorite color in balls. Elegant color, but also sad and common, which does not bring out the person in the darkness of an evening. Conversely, the white allows to illuminate, to resplendent.

 Hope this article help you to figure out “what should I wear for ballroom dancing”. You can also find more information about the shoes to wear with the article: How to choose ballroom dance shoes ?  

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