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Here is How to Impress your Wedding Guests

[fa icon="calendar"] Jan 19, 2017 10:00:00 AM / by Audrey Jaspart

Audrey Jaspart

A custom wedding dress, gorgeous decorations, a DJ, a photographer ... maybe you've prepared everything for your wedding. If you want to perfect your wedding, you must insist on details, such as atmosphere, gifts for guests, accessories for the wedding dress, dessert ... For an impressive wedding, what should we do? Here is how to impress your wedding guests with 6 ideas.


#1 Plan animations

According to some television programs ... sometimes you can get bored. You should avoid down time and offer some entertainment to occupy your guests. Offer games outside if the wine of honor goes outside,, a photobooth, magicians (there are animation companies that offers DJ and different performances like magic For the wine of honor), a release of Thai lanterns, tastings with buffets a little more atypical ... 


#2 Hire a Babysitter

Well ... yes because we often talk about it but we do not see much ... So think about renting the services of a babysitter. I can assure you that guests can appreciate to see someone who takes care of the children who often play like crazy people (and often they love to do stupid things ...). Parents can chat, drink and eat quietly without running after their offspring. And if you want to fill them, plan a room specially for them with games, toys, snacks... and / or even a room for children and babies who are already sleeping at 9pm ... 

Here is How to Impress your Wedding Guests

#3 Choose a magical place

Choose a magical place ... easier to say than to find one specially with a reasonable budget. But think about unusual places like museums, nightclubs, circuses, on a barge..  Or in a field with a barn or a tent in case of bad weather. The idea is great !! 


#4 Choose your outfit

Your outfits! The majority of people expect a bride in a long white dress and a groom in three-piece suit. So if you're looking to stand out and break codes, choosing your outfit is important. I advise you to opt for a short dress or a long dress but not necessarily white, why not nude, colored or even glitter. For men, forget the classic costume and if the wedding happens in summer, we can even wear  bermuda and vans!


#5 Propose an offset menu
Forget duck breast and surprise your guests with an inventive menu, themed, street food or a picnic if weather conditions permit.


#6 Prepare a WOW first dance

Well obviously it requires investment and time! Imagine the head of your guests, especially if they think you do not have any special talent for dancing! QuickStep is not your style? Why not perform a a lively choreographed piece to one of your favorite up tempo dance songs as an option for the first dance. Another way couples are keeping it interesting is by adding members of wedding party to the big performance. This fun and interactive dance segment will sure to get guests ready to party the rest of the night away. If you need to know more about the different dances you can perform during your wedding, why not have a look to the Ultimate Guide of Dances for Beginners? I’m sure you will find some interesting ideas for your wedding!

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