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5 Best Movies to Watch Absolutely about Ballroom Dancing

[fa icon="calendar"] Jan 25, 2017 10:06:03 PM / by Audrey Jaspart

Audrey Jaspart

Here are the 5 best movies to watch absolutely about ballroom dancing ! Dance lovers will enjoy seeing them and seeing them again as a couple or with friends.


Shall We Dance ? (2004)

 A very well done movie, with Richard Gere and Jennifer Lopez, which should delight even those who are not particularly passionate about dancing. The story changes slightly from the ever-changing scenario of dance movies where the dancer falls in love with her bad boy dancer. This is a man, father of a family, with a successful but monotonous life, who decides to enroll in salon dance classes. This film took part in the notoriety of a piece of electro-tango of the group Gotan Project. It is also the remake of a Japanese movie. Run and see him again.

 5 best movies to watch absolutely about ballroom dancing

Take The Lead (2006)

 In this movie, a dance teacher, played by Anthonio Banderas, proposes to a school to give salon dance classes. The atypical aspect is that they are young disadvantaged, in academic failure. This movie is inspired by a true story. Without being a masterpiece, lacking depth in its realization, he allows himself to be seen pleasantly. 

take the lead.jpg

Dirty Dancing (1987)

The most famous dance movie, with Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Gray. A girl on vacation with her family falls in love with the dance teacher who works as a host for the holiday camp. The story, however, is quite tragic. Realized with a small budget, he received against all expectation a huge success and many rewards. To see at least once, if only for your cinematographic culture.

5 best movies to watch absolutely about ballroom dancing

Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights (2004)

This is a kind of remake of Dirty Dancing, whose goal is of course to rest its success on the notoriety of the first opus, as Hollywood is used to it. It could have given something catastrophic, but ultimately, not at all. The realization and actors are less credible than in the first, but it is a very lively film that at least salsa lovers should watch.

 5 best movies to watch absolutely about ballroom dancing

Cuban Fury (2014)

22 years after stopping the dance, a former champion of salsa, become shy and obese, decides to put it back for the eyes of a woman, Julia, who makes him realize how his life as an engineer has become boring. The musics are tubes that those who attend latino evenings will recognize. A comedy sympathetic to watch, although not very funny especially because of some touches of humor a little heavy. 

Please comment this post and tell me what are YOUR best movies to watch about ballroom dancing!


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