Learn your first couple dance

Let's start with the basics.
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We help you define the dance that will suit you best

Waltz, Tango, Slow Foxstrot, Quickstep, Cha Cha Cha, Samba, Bolero, East Coast Swing...  All these dances can be performed for different occasions and we want to make sure that what you learn match the context (wedding, corporate event, dating night...) and suit you the best. Let's see which one you are drawn to.
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We start with the basics!

The dance skills you will learn will last forever but you need to start with the basics. The classes will help you with all the important aspects that make up a dance, including posture, communication, and dance etiquette. 

Feel the style of the dance, in addition to its rhythm!

I started dance lessons at the age of 2 and studied ballet dance and ballroom dances for 10 years. I have always loved the Art of dance and I'm excited by this website adventure.

Audrey Jaspart Stepping Stone

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learn ballroom dance in a weekend in dublin
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We customize all your private lessons 

This is the best way for us to make sure you meet YOUR individual needs. You will learn some killer moves to impress your audience but don't worry you will learn at a pace that is yours. But if you want to be quick, you can learn ballroom dance in a weekend in Dublin.

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We make sure you will be remember

Invest time in learning a ballroom dance should be rewarded. We want you to feel like the STAR of the night. For this reason, we make sure you get the best dance instructor who will be able to give you individualized instruction that is key to improving your dance skills.